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Barry Clan Book
Laying down deep roots in the soil of the Emerald Isle after arriving as twelfth century invaders,..
Boyle Clan Book
As the original Gaelic-Irish clan of Ó Baoighill, Boyles have been a presence in Ireland from the..
Brady Clan Book
Tracing a descent from the earliest Irish kings and of the same ancient bloodline as one of the i..
Brennan Clan Book
Claimants to a truly illustrious heritage, the thousands of Brennans scattered across the globe t..
Burke Clan Book
Although they arrived as invaders and adventurers, the Burkes came to adopt the ancient Irish way..
Byrne Clan Book
As one of the ancient Irish clans, the Byrnes and their namesakes the O’Byrnes have stamped an in..
Callaghan Clan Book
Maintaining an often-precarious existence in Ireland since earliest times, the Callaghans were at..
Carroll Clan Book
A family with aristocratic roots embedded deep in the ancient soil of Ireland, the Carrolls were ..
Casey Clan Book
Known originally as the Ó Cathasaigh, or O’Casey, the Caseys of today can lay claim to a glorious..
Cassidy Clan Book
Celebrated for their contribution to Irish literature, Celtic medical lore and the religious life..
Clancy Clan Book
‘Fidelity and fortitude’ is the proud motto of bearers of the Clancy name, and these were qualiti..
Collins Clan Book
Two of the sources for the proud name of Collins in Ireland stretch back to the heroic age of Celt..
Connolly Clan Book
The Connollys have stamped an indelible mark on the saga of Ireland’s bitter and bloody struggle ..
Coyle Clan Book
Ulster, which along with Leinster, Munster and Connacht is one of Ireland’s four ancient province..
Daly Clan Book
Renowned for centuries as poets, scholars and guardians of ancient Celtic tradition, bearers of t..
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