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Discover the history and origin of your Scottish clan and family history with these fun entertaining and easy to read mini books. Authored by our very own experienced journalist/historian these books describe the origins of your family name in a light hearted and informative fashion.

Presents for all the Scottish family.
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Crawford Clan Book
Taking their name from the lands in Lanarkshire where they settled, the Crawfords spread westwards into Ayrshire and gained well-deserved renown as loyal defenders of Scotland’s freedom, often at a terrible cost to themselves.   A Crawford lass was the mother of the great patriot and warrior William Wallace, while in later centuries Crawfords became stalwart supporters of the Presbyterian religion.   One staunch defender of his faith was Hugh Crawford, the younger so..
Cumming Clan Book
The main territories from earliest times of those who would come to bear the Cumming name were Roxburghshire, Badenoch and Moray.   The name possibly originates from Comines near Lisle, in northern France and, in the form of ‘Comyn’, Robert de Comyn was granted lands in Roxburghshire in the mid-twelfth century during the reign of King David 1, while the family prospered through gaining high honours and distinction and the acquisition of other territories.   It was in..
Cunningham Clan Book
Cunninghams can be found defending their nation as far back as the late thirteenth century when they helped to repel would-be Viking invaders at the battle of Largs, and this martial tradition continued under the Cunningham Earls of Glencairn, who were famed as ‘bonnie fighters’. The family were no less ardent in supporting the Protestant Reformation, while an Earl of Glencairn was not only a friend but also an important patron of the national bard Robert Burns. Recounted here is the drama..
Currie Clan Book
The Curries of today are heirs to a rich heritage that stretches back through the mists of time to the courts of the High Kings of Ireland.   In Scotland they became hereditary bards and historians to the MacDonald Lords of the Isles, and not only wrote stirring epic poems to incite their clansmen to glorious deeds in battle, but fought and died themselves.   In the world of literature, James Currie was the great biographer and friend of Scotland’s national bard Robe..
Davidson Clan Book
Davidsons of today can boast a proud lineage that stretches back as one of the main clans of the mighty confederation of clans known as Clan Chattan.   One Gaelic form of the name is MacDaidh, indicating ‘son of David’, and the Davidsons trace a descent from the 4th Chief of Clan Chattan.   With broadsword in hand, they were frequently embroiled in warfare, including a ferocious battle against Clan Cameron in 1375 in which the Chief of Clan Davidson and seven of his ..
Dickson Clan Book
With landholdings spread throughout what were the lawless Borders of Scotland, the Dicksons were among those clans known as the Steel Bonnets who frequently found themselves in conflict with the authorities.   But when the cause of the nation called, they were at the forefront of repelling English invasion.   In more peaceful times, Barbara Dickson is the highly acclaimed Scottish  singer and songwriter and actress whose hit singles include Another Suitcase in A..
Docherty Clan Book
Heirs to a heritage that stretches back through the mists of time to the High Kings of Ireland and the royal race of MacGregors, generations of bearers of the Docherty name have taken centre stage in the bloodthirsty drama that is Scotland’s history.   With their main territories the MacGregor homelands of the eastern borders of Argyll, the western Borders of Perthshire and Loch Lomond, they were persecuted for centuries – but nevertheless fought for the cause of the Royal House ..
Donaldson Clan Book
Identified from earliest times with the western seaboard of Scotland, the Donaldsons, through their close kinship with the powerful Clan Donald, were for centuries embroiled in the high drama that is the nation’s history.   Other bearers of the name have gained distinction not only on the battlefield, but also through a range of more peaceful endeavours.   In the world of music, Walter Donaldson was one of the most prolific songwriters America has ever produced. Born..
Douglas Clan Book
Identified with present day Lanarkshire, the Scottish Borders and Angus in the far north, the Douglases take their name from the Gaelic dubh-glas, meaning ‘black stream’, and it was adopted after the grant of lands in 1147 at the Douglas Water, in Lanarkshire.   Resolute in their defence of Scotland’s freedom and independence, William Douglas was a staunch supporter of the freedom fighter Sir William Wallace, while his son Sir James Douglas was a leading commander of the army of ..
Drummond Clan Book
A clan whose lives and times are steeped in high drama and romance, it was in the thirteenth century that they took their name from the lands they had been granted at Drymen, near Loch Lomond.   With the motto of ‘Gang (Go) warily’, they rose to prominence as they acquired honours and distinction not least in their role as staunch defenders of Scotland’s freedom and independence.   Sir Malcolm Drummond fought at the side of the great warrior king Robert the Bruce at ..
Duncan Clan Book
Of truly royal roots, the Duncans feature prominently in Scotland’s story.   Tracing a descent from the ninth century King Kenneth MacAlpine, recognised as the founder of what became the Scottish nation, King Duncan 1 was enthroned in 1034, only to be later slain by the ambitious Macbeth.   Duncan’s son, Malcolm Canmore, took the throne after defeating Macbeth in battle in 1057 while his wife, Margaret, a daughter of Edgar Aethling, became one of Scotland’s best love..
Dundas Clan Book
Taking their name from an area on the south bank of the Firth of Forth known as ‘Dundas’, the name of a nearby hill, bearers of the Dundas name thrived throughout the centuries.   Descended from a Prince of Northumberland, they acquired wealth, high honours and distinction.   They fought at the side of the freedom fighter William Wallace and the warrior king Robert the Bruce, while in 1332 Sir George Dundas, Chief of Clan Dundas, was among the Scots killed in battle ..
Elliot Clan Book
With their defiant motto of ‘Boldly and rightly’ and crest of a hand clutching a cutlass, the Elliots were for centuries one of the most notorious clans of the near-anarchic Scottish Borders.   As reivers, or raiders, they pillaged not only their neighbours’ lands and goods, but also raided south of the Border into England.   Thought to have had earlier roots that lay in Angus, in the far north, it is not known with any degree of certainty why they eventually settled..
Farquharson Clan Book
Boasting a descent from the ancient lineage of the Thanes of Fife, Upper Deeside in Aberdeenshire became the main territory of the Farquharsons.   Their fortunes prospered through a number of judicious marriages, acquiring wealth, high honours and distinction along the way.   At great cost to themselves, many of the name fought for the ultimately doomed Jacobite cause of restoring the Royal House of Stuart to the throne, with John Farquharson of Allargue captured in ..
Fergusson Clan Book
With origins that stretch back to Ireland, the Fergussons can lay claim to particularly ancient and enduring Scottish fame.   The sixth century Irish chieftain Fergus – from whom the Fergussons take their name – is reputed to have brought the ancient Stone of Scone, on which Scottish monarchs were enthroned, from Ireland to Scotland.   They can also claim a role in the adoption of the Scottish national flag the Saltire, featuring a white diagonal cross on a blue back..
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