Marshall Clan Book

Marshall Clan Book

Although enjoying a close kinship with Clan Keith, the Marshalls also have their own proud heritage and traditions. 
The turbulent seventeenth century saw many bearers of the name at the forefront of the bloody conflict between Crown and Covenant, while others gained both notoriety and fame.
In more peaceful times, it is a cruel irony of fate that, although responsible for setting in motion the California Gold Rush, James Wilson Marshall ended his days in poverty.
By 1848 he was part-owner of a sawmill on California’s America River, and it was in this river that he spotted shiny flecks that proved to be gold of the quality of 23 carats, and news of the discovery soon spread. 
But it brought no benefit to Marshall as his employees abandoned him to join the search for gold; forced off his land by the hordes of prospectors, he died destitute in 1885.
The colourful tale of the Marshalls is recounted here.
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