Kerr Clan Book

Kerr Clan Book

Recipients of a glittering array of noble titles and honours, the Kerrs flourished for centuries as one the most feared and powerful clans of the Scottish Borders.
From bitter feuds between rival branches of the family to ferocious vendettas with other clans, their unruly history was for centuries steeped in bloodshed.
But, following the Union of the Crowns of Scotland and England in 1603, the Kerrs thrived as loyal servants of the Crown, being granted an earldom - and this loyalty was further rewarded just over a century later when the 5th Earl of Roxburgh was created Duke of Roxburgh in recognition for his support for the Act of Union of 1707.
Here is recounted the stirring tale of how a clan that can trace a descent back to the time of the Norman Conquest of 1066 has left an indelible mark on the pages of the drama that is Scotland’s frequently turbulent tale.
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