Keith Clan Book

Keith Clan Book

One of Scotland’s most distinguished clans, there are a number of conflicting theories as to the true origins of the Keiths.
One theory is that their roots stretch back to the first century AD when, known as the Chatti – from which the Keith name later derived – their territory in modern-day Germany was overrun by Roman legions.
Forced to seek a new homeland and after enduring a dangerous sea crossing, they eventually made landfall on the north coast of Scotland in what is now known as Caithness –originally known as ‘Chatti-ness.’
Whatever their roots, the Keiths accumulated high honours and distinction that included the powerful and hereditary role of Marischals of Scotland – entrusted as custodians of the Royal Regalia of Scotland of sceptre, crown and sword and acting as bodyguards to the king when he attended parliament.
Shot through with high drama and romance, the stirring tale of the Keiths is presented here.
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