Gray Clan Book

Gray Clan Book

Tracing a descent from a powerful family of Norman nobles who had hailed from Picardy, in modern day France, and fought at the side of Duke William of Normandy at the battle of Hastings in 1066, the thousands of Grays worldwide today can also lay claim to a proud heritage rooted firmly in the ancient soil of Scotland.
Many gained distinction in the bitter and bloody Wars of Independence with England. One of the ablest supporters of the great warrior king Robert the Bruce was Sir Andrew Gray, who played a key role in March of 1314 in ousting the English garrison from the mighty bastion of Edinburgh Castle in a daring night raid.
Others of the name share in the colourful and romantic traditions of two proud Highland clans – Clan Sutherland and Clan Stewart of Atholl.
Tinged with intrigue and murder, the dramatic lives and times of the Grays are recounted here.
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