Fletcher Clan Book

Fletcher Clan Book

With their name deriving from the martial skill of arrow making, generations of Fletchers became valued members of the great community of clans of the Highlands and Islands of Scotland.
 As kinsfolk of the MacGregors, they shared in both that proud clan’s glorious fortunes and tragic misfortunes, and many gave their lives in what proved to be the forlorn cause of the Royal House of Stuart.
In totally different fields of endeavour, Horace Fletcher, born in 1849, and known as ‘The Great Masticator’, was the pioneering British advocate of healthy eating who acquired his nickname because of his insistence that food should be chewed thirty-two times – or at least 100 times a minute – before being swallowed.
In the world of science, Harvey Fletcher was the American physicist, born in 1884, who is credited with the invention of both the hearing aid and the audiometer.
Recounted here is the colourful saga of the Fletchers.
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