Fergusson Clan Book

Fergusson Clan Book

With origins that stretch back to Ireland, the Fergussons can lay claim to particularly ancient and enduring Scottish fame.
The sixth century Irish chieftain Fergus – from whom the Fergussons take their name – is reputed to have brought the ancient Stone of Scone, on which Scottish monarchs were enthroned, from Ireland to Scotland.
They can also claim a role in the adoption of the Scottish national flag the Saltire, featuring a white diagonal cross on a blue background.
This is through Angus MacFergus, who fought against the Northumbrians at the battle of Athelstaneford, in East Lothian, in 832 AD. 
A Saltire is said to have appeared in the sky during the battle and, with the Scots proving victorious, it was taken as a favourable omen and subsequently adopted as the national flag.
Infused with high drama and romance, the colourful lives and times of the Fergussons are recounted here.
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