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Discover the history and origin of your Irish clan and family history with these fun entertaining and easy to read mini books. Authored by our very own experienced journalist/historian these books describe the origins of your family name in a light hearted and informative fashion.

Presents for all the Irish family.
Why not buy a bundle (and get a discount) and give them out as present at birthdays, family celebrations, family reunions, retrial parties, christmas or just a random act of kindness and generosity. They make great stocking fillers at Christmas. We deliver to most places around the world.

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Sheehan Clan Book
While bearers of the Sheehan name today lead peaceful lives, not only in their original homeland of the Emerald Isle but also across the globe, this was far from the case in centuries past.   The sword was rarely out of their hands as they defended their ancient rights in the face of aggression and in defence of their beliefs.   Many have subsequently achieved acclaim through a rich variety of pursuits.   Born in 1905, Patrick Sheehan was the Irish journ..
Sheridan Clan Book
A clan whose roots are buried deep in the ancient soil of Ireland, the Sheridans nevertheless found themselves pushed from their original territory. But they forged a new and illustrious heritage for themselves as devoted followers of one of the island’s most powerful clans, sharing in both its fortunes and misfortunes. Set against the violent backdrop of Ireland’s history, the tale of the Sheridans is recounted here. NAME variations include: Ó Sirideáin (Gaelic), O’Sheridan, Sheridin, S..
Sullivan Clan Book
Descendants of warrior chieftains who fought for their freedom and independence in the teeth of invasion and oppression, the Sullivans and their namesakes the O’Sullivans have roots that lie deep in the ancient soil of Ireland.   They now flourish at an international level through a diverse range of endeavours and pursuits.   In the world of entertainment, Ed Sullivan was the iconic American television host, born in 1901 and who died in 1974, whose Ed Sullivan Show b..
Sweeney Clan Book
A clan with a truly noble heritage, the Sweeneys contributed for centuries to the vibrant historical drama of not only their native Ireland but also that of Scotland. Proud Celts to the very roots of their being, they boast a descent from the earliest warrior kings, while they were often to be found on the bloody field of battle in defence of their rights and freedoms. The colourful tale of the Sweeneys is recounted here. NAME VARIATIONS INCLUDE: MacSuibhne (Gaelic), MacSweeney, MacSween..
Traynor Clan Book
Bearers of the Traynor name today can proudly boast a descent from Ireland’s earliest monarchs, while it was in the ancient province of Ulster that they first stamped their mark on the island’s turbulent history.   In later centuries they were in the vanguard of the struggle for the nation’s independence, while many have thrived, and continue to thrive, not only in their original homeland but also far beyond the shores of the Emerald Isle.   In the legal world, Roger..
Walsh Clan Book
From the valleys and mountains of Wales, the Walshs found a new homeland in Ireland in the aftermath of the momentous Norman invasion of the island in 1169. Readily assimilating with the native Irish population they soon became identified with the nation’s struggle against oppression, often at bitter and tragic cost to themselves. Their proud tale is recounted here. NAME variations include: Branagh, Brannagh, Walch, Wallace, Wallis, Walshe, Welch, Welsh. ..
Ward Clan Book
Present in Ireland from earliest times as both warriors and bards, bearers of the Ward name in its original proud Gaelic form of Mac an Bháird achieved high honours and distinction. Others of the name settled on the island in later centuries, and what they all have in common is a rich and colourful heritage. Read here the stirring tale of the Wards. NAME VARIATIONS INCLUDE: Macanward, MacAward, Macward, McWard, Mac an Bháird (Gaelic). ..
Whelan Clan Book
Proud of a descent from a famed warrior king, and fighting at the side of another in one of Ireland’s most decisive battles against a foreign invader, the Whelans are heirs to a truly illustrious heritage.   They ultimately paid a terrible price for taking up the sword of freedom, while many of their descendants forged much different lives for themselves in foreign lands.   In the creative world of art, Michael Whelan is the American illustrator and artist who has ex..
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