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Discover the history and origin of your Irish clan and family history with these fun entertaining and easy to read mini books. Authored by our very own experienced journalist/historian these books describe the origins of your family name in a light hearted and informative fashion.

Presents for all the Irish family.
Why not buy a bundle (and get a discount) and give them out as present at birthdays, family celebrations, family reunions, retrial parties, christmas or just a random act of kindness and generosity. They make great stocking fillers at Christmas. We deliver to most places around the world.

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Devlin Clan Book
Proud of a descent from one of Ireland’s greatest warrior kings, the Devlins were at the forefront for centuries in the island’s struggle for freedom and independence. This often came at great cost to themselves not only in the form of death on the battlefield but also through exile to foreign shores, where their descendants successfully forged new lives for themselves. Read here the poignant and inspiring tale of the Devlins.  NAME VARIATIONS INCLUDE: Ó Doibhilin (Gaelic), Ó Duibhl..
Doherty Clan Book
Possessors of one of the most ancient hereditary surnames in Europe, the Dohertys of today can lay claim to a proud descent from no less a heroic figure than the fifth century Irish warrior king Niall of the Nine Hostages. From their ancient homeland in present day County Donegal they steadfastly resisted the invader, ultimately paying dearly for their defiant stance. Read here the proud and stirring saga of the Dohertys.  NAME VARIATIONS INCLUDE: Ó Dochartaigh (Gaelic), O’Doherty, ..
Donnelly Clan Book
With a history that resonates to the harp strings of thrilling Celtic myth and legend and the clash of battle, the Donnellys of today are claimants to a truly ancient Irish heritage. It is a heritage that involves both great fortune and ultimate misfortune, but one that has been perpetuated by the thousands of bearers of the name scattered across the world today. The stirring and poignant tale of the Donnellys is recounted here. NAME VARIATIONS INCLUDE: Domhnaill (Gaelic), Ó Donnaghaile ..
Donovan Clan Book
Tracing a descent from the earliest monarchs of the Emerald Isle, bearers of the Donovan name today can boast a truly illustrious pedigree.   Their tale is shot through with noble acts of valour and dark deeds of treachery, while they struggled for centuries to retain their ancient rights and privileges.   In more peaceful times, many have achieved acclaim through a wide range of endeavours and pursuits. In the world of entertainment, Jason Donovan is the Austral..
Doran Clan Book
When not on the battlefield in defence of their ancient rights and privileges, the Dorans performed the highly honoured and important function of acting as hereditary lawmakers and judges.   Their colourful history is inextricably bound to that of Ireland itself, while bearers of the name have achieved distinction through a rich variety of endeavours and pursuits.   In the world of music Chris Doran is the Irish pop star who represented his native Republic of Ireland..
Doyle Clan Book
Rooted in the soil of Ireland from the early years of the tenth century A.D., the potent blood of Vikings surged through the veins of those Doyles who in later centuries would be stalwart in their defence of the island’s freedoms.   This was a defence bought often at terrible price, but undaunted they clung tenaciously to survival.   In more peaceful times, bearers of the name have gained fame and acclaim through a diverse range of endeavours and pursuits. In the..
Duffy Clan Book
Bearers of the Duffy name are heirs to a legacy in which the colourful myth and magic of the Celtic past fuses with Christian belief. Their ancestry is illustrious, from an ancient High King to one of Ireland’s three patron saints. Read here of the high romance and drama that is the history of the Duffys. NAME variations include: Ó Dubthaigh (Gaelic), O’ Duffy, Dowey, Duffie, Duffey, Doohey.   Duffy Clan Mini-Book Excerpt Born in 1871 in Cobourg, Ontario, Francis..
Dunne Clan Book
One of the original native Irish clans, the Dunnes can claim proud kinship with one of the island’s legendary High Kings. Victims of the depredations of both twelfth century invaders and later conquering armies, they nevertheless offered a stalwart resistance in defence of their ancient rights and freedom. Read here the stirring tale of the Dunnes. NAME VARIATIONS INCLUDE: Ó Duinn (Gaelic), Donn, Dun, Dunn, O’ Doinn, O’ Dunn, O’ Dunne, O’ Doyne.   Dunne Clan Mini-Book E..
Farrell Clan Book
The Farrells can proudly lay claim to a heritage that stretches back through time to one of the warriors who fought at the side of the legendary warrior king Brian Boru in one of Ireland’s most decisive battles.   In subsequent centuries they proved equally resilient in defence of their ancient rights and privileges, often at terrible cost to themselves.   In more peaceful times and on the silver screen, Colin Farrell is the Irish actor whose credits include Phone Bo..
Fitzgerald Clan Book
They came, they saw, they conquered – but the Fitzgeralds also readily adapted to the ancient Irish way of life, becoming in the process one of the island’s most powerful and important dynasties. Rebels against the Crown on many occasions, they suffered dearly for their beliefs and in their struggle for the nation’s freedom and independence. Their stirring tale is told here. NAME VARIATIONS INCLUDE: MacGerailt (Gaelic), FitzGerald, Fitz-Gerald, Gerald Geralds, Geraldine.   ..
Fitzpatrick Clan Book
In the form it has today the Fitzpatrick name holds a secret, one that when uncovered reveals how it is actually rooted deep in the ancient soil of Ireland. Kings of ancient Ossory in the province of Leinster, the story of the Fitzpatricks is one of both glorious fortune and tragic misfortune. The colourful and often poignant tale of this proud clan is recounted here. NAME variations include: Mac Giolla Phádraig (Gaelic), Fitzpatricks, Fitz-Patrick, Kilpatrick, MacGilpatrick, Sher..
Flaherty Clan Book
Present in the ancient province of Connacht and further north in Ulster since earliest times, the history of bearers of the Flaherty name, in all its variety of spellings, is enmeshed with that of Ireland as a whole. With sword in hand they were ever alert in defence of their proud heritage, often at bitter cost to themselves. Read here their bloodthirsty and stirring tale. NAME variations include: Ó Flaithbheartaigh (Gaelic), O’Flagerty, O’Flaherty, Faherty, Fairty, Feherty, Flaverty, F..
Flanagan Clan Book
Carriers of a bloodline that can be traced back to one of Ireland’s greatest warrior kings, the Flanagans played a key role at pivotal points in the island’s dramatic history.   Allied as they were to the Royal O’Connors, they were at the forefront of the struggle for freedom and independence, while many thrive to this day through rather more peaceful endeavours and pursuits.   In the world of the written word, Thomas Flanagan was the American professor of English li..
Flynn Clan Book
The ancient provinces of Ulster, Connacht and Munster were for centuries the main territories of separate branches of the proud native Irish clan of Flynn.   Stout defenders of their freedom and independence, they steadfastly resisted the invader, often at bitter cost to themselves, while in later centuries many achieved fame and acclaim through more peaceful endeavours and pursuits.   On the silver screen, Errol Flynn was the flamboyant and controversial Hollywood a..
Foley Clan Book
Although their origins are partly shrouded in myth and legend, what is known with certainty is that the distant ancestors of the Foleys of today contributed in no small part to the rich tapestry that is Ireland’s history. Frequently devastated by the winds of war that swept over the island, they nevertheless managed to cling to their heritage and traditions. Read here the dramatic tale of the Foleys. NAME variations include: Ó Foghladha (Gaelic), Ó Foghlú (Gaelic), O’Foley, Foaley..
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