Lynch Clan Book

Lynch Clan Book

In its Gaelic form, ‘Lynch’ existed for centuries in Ireland before becoming synonymous with the powerful family of the name who settled in Galway in the wake of the Norman invasions of the island.
Renowned as one of the celebrated ‘fourteen tribes of Galway’ they  also provided the city with a succession of mayors, while in later centuries many were to take on the role of rebels and revolutionaries.
In more peaceful times and on the screen, David Lynch is the award-winning American filmmaker best known for the Twin Peaks television series and as director of films that include Elephant Man and Mulholland Drive.
In the world of sport Benny Lynch, born in 1913 in the Gorbals  area of Glasgow, was the Scottish boxer who won the Scottish flyweight title in 1934, followed by the British, European and World flyweight titles.
The dramatic and colourful tale of bearers of the Lynch name is chronicled here.

Lynch Irish Clan Name Mini-Book Excerpt

Bearers of the Lynch name have been prominent in the world of boxing – not least the Scottish boxer Benny Lynch, born in 1913 in what was then the notoriously tough area of Glasgow known as Gorbals.

Honing his boxing skills by taking on all-comers in the carnival booths that were then popular, he graduated to winning the Scottish flyweight title in 1934, followed in quick succession by the British, European, and World flyweight titles.

Excessive drinking soon took its toll on his fitness, and by 1938 he lost the World title to American boxer Jacky Jurich after weighing in over the required weight.

His life ruined by alcohol, he died in 1946 of malnutrition, aged only 33; inducted into the International Boxing Hall of Fame in 1998, his life was portrayed five years later in a film starring Scottish actor Robert Carlyle.

Born in 1898 in New York, Joe Lynch was another boxer who was inducted into the International Boxing Hall of Fame.

Winner of the World bantamweight title in 1920, he held it until defeated after 15 rounds to Abe Goldstein in 1924; retiring from boxing two years later, he died in a drowning accident in 1965."

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