Callaghan Clan Book

Callaghan Clan Book

Maintaining an often-precarious existence in Ireland since earliest times, the Callaghans were at the forefront of the bitter and bloody resistance to invaders from across the seas.
As a truly native Irish clan, their pedigree was illustrious, with a descent from one of the island’s most celebrated warrior kings.
In contemporary times and in the world of politics, Jim Callaghan, later Baron Callaghan of Cardiff, was the Labour Party politician who served as British Prime Minister from 1976 to 1979 having already served in a number of top Cabinet posts.
In sport and in the Irish Gaelic form of ‘O’Callaghan’, Dr Patrick O’Callaghan is recognised as having been one of Ireland’s greatest athletes.
Born in 1905, he took the Olympic gold medal in the 16lb. hammer throw event in Amsterdam in 1928 and again in the hammer at the Los Angeles Olympics four years later.
The exploits and achievements of the Callaghans are presented here.
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