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Barry Clan Book
Laying down deep roots in the soil of the Emerald Isle after arriving as twelfth century invaders, bearers of the Barry name readily adapted to and adopted the native culture – identifying themselves throughout succeeding centuries with Ireland’s cause. Some suffered, but many prospered, as do their descendants scattered throughout the world today. Read here their proud and vibrant tale. NAME VARIATIONS INCLUDE: Barre, Barrey, Barrie, de Barra, de Barry, du Barry. ..
Boyle Clan Book
As the original Gaelic-Irish clan of Ó Baoighill, Boyles have been a presence in Ireland from the earliest times. Further influxes of Boyles came in later centuries in the form of ambitious Anglo-Norman adventurers, while a further strain came from the neighbouring Celtic nation of Scotland. All their fates were inextricably entwined, and their colourful and often bloody tale is recounted here. NAME variations include: Ó Baoighill (Gaelic), O’Boyle, Baoghal, Boile, Baole, Boghill,..
Brady Clan Book
Tracing a descent from the earliest Irish kings and of the same ancient bloodline as one of the island’s greatest heroes, the Bradys performed a significant role on the stage of Ireland’s history. They furnished not only poets and distinguished churchmen but also carved a name for themselves far from the shores of their native land. Read here the proud tale of the Bradys – and of their curious link to the equally proud O’Gradys. NAME variations include: MacBradaigh (Gaelic), Bradi..
Brennan Clan Book
Claimants to a truly illustrious heritage, the thousands of Brennans scattered across the globe today have strong and sturdy roots in the ancient soil of Ireland. Their history thrills to the tune of legend, myth, and magic, while their ancestors fought heroically in the cause of their homeland’s freedom. The stirring and poignant tale of the Brennans is recounted here. NAME variations include: Ó Braonain (Gaelic), MacBranan (Gaelic), MacBranain (Gaelic), O’ Branain, O’Brennan, Br..
Burke Clan Book
Although they arrived as invaders and adventurers, the Burkes came to adopt the ancient Irish way of life as they amassed rich territories and acquired high honours. Contributing significantly to the rich tapestry that is Ireland’s history, they played key roles at pivotal points in the island’s colourful and dramatic story, while others forged new lives for themselves in foreign lands. The inspiring tale of the Burkes is recounted here. NAME variations include: de Burgh, de Burca..
Byrne Clan Book
As one of the ancient Irish clans, the Byrnes and their namesakes the O’Byrnes have stamped an indelible mark on the pages of the nation’s history. Descended from the High Kings of Ireland, their ancestors also include doughty warriors and freedom fighters, while in more recent times they have gained distinction in a rich variety of endeavours. Their stirring lives and times are recounted here. NAME variations include: Ó Brion (Gaelic), O’Byrne, O’Byrnes, O’Brin, O’ Brion, O’Burns..
Callaghan Clan Book
Maintaining an often-precarious existence in Ireland since earliest times, the Callaghans were at the forefront of the bitter and bloody resistance to invaders from across the seas. As a truly native Irish clan their pedigree was illustrious, with a descent from one of the island’s most celebrated warrior kings. Their proud tale, and that of the achievements and exploits of Callaghans scattered across the globe today, is recounted here. NAME variations include: Ó Ceallacain (Gaelic), O’C..
Carroll Clan Book
A family with aristocratic roots embedded deep in the ancient soil of Ireland, the Carrolls were for centuries at the forefront of key events in the rich and bloodied tapestry of the nation’s history. Proud defenders of their heritage and beliefs in the face of aggression they truly lived up to their family motto of ‘Strong in faith and war.’ The stirring and inspiring story of the Carrolls is recounted here. NAME variations include: Ó Caerbhal (Gaelic), O’Carroll, MacCarroll. &..
Casey Clan Book
Known originally as the Ó Cathasaigh, or O’Casey, the Caseys of today can lay claim to a glorious pedigree that reaches back through time to the ancient warrior kings of Ireland. From the bloody field of battle to the creative world of the arts, generations of the name have stamped an indelible mark. Their inspiring tale is recounted here. NAME variations include: Ó Cathasaigh (Gaelic), O’Casey, MacCathasaigh.   Casey Clan Mini-Book Excerpt Albert Casey , who was bo..
Cassidy Clan Book
Celebrated for their contribution to Irish literature, Celtic medical lore and the religious life of the island, bearers of the name of Cassidy flourished for centuries in the ancient province of Ulster. As hereditary physicians to the Maguire chiefs of Fermanagh, they shared in both their fortunes and misfortunes and became victims of the final collapse of the Gaelic order. Their colourful but often tragic tale is recounted here. NAME VARIATIONS INCLUDE: Ó Caiside (Gaelic), O’Cas..
Clancy Clan Book
‘Fidelity and fortitude’ is the proud motto of bearers of the name of Clancy – and these were qualities that they displayed to the full as they stamped their mark on Ireland’s history down through the centuries. Many were exiled to foreign shores for their steadfast adherence to the ancient Gaelic cause, while others campaigned vigorously for the right to self-determination. Their stirring tale is recounted here. NAME variations include: MacFhlannchaidh (Gaelic), Magfhlannchadha (Gaelic)..
Collins Clan Book
Two of the sources for the proud name of Collins in Ireland stretch back to the heroic age of Celtic myth and legend, but no less colourful and poignant are the lives and times of bearers of the name in much later ages. From the twilight of the ancient gods until the present day, their stirring tales are recounted here. NAME variations include: Ó Coileáin (Gaelic), Ó Cuilleáin (Gaelic), O’Collins, O’Cullane, Cullane, Collinson. ..
Connolly Clan Book
The Connollys have stamped an indelible mark on the saga of Ireland’s bitter and bloody struggle for freedom and independence, from as early as the eleventh century up to the early years of the twentieth. One of the ancient native Irish clans, their descent is truly illustrious and their heritage proud. The stirring and poignant tale of the Connollys is recounted here. NAME variations include: Ó Conghalaigh (Gaelic), Ó Coinheallaigh (Gaelic), Ó Conghaile (Gaelic), O’Conolly, O’Con..
Coyle Clan Book
Ulster, which (along with Leinster, Munster and Connacht) is one of Ireland’s four ancient provinces, is the original homeland of bearers of the Coyle name. Their name derives from that of a celebrated sixth century saint – but their roots lie in a time long before the light of Christianity was brought to the island. Read here of the stirring lives and times of the Coyles. NAME VARIATIONS INCLUDE: Mac Giolla Chomhgaill (Gaelic), O’Coyle, MacCoyle, McCoyle, MacCool, McIlhoyle, Coyl, Co..
Daly Clan Book
Renowned for centuries as poets, scholars and guardians of ancient Celtic tradition, bearers of the name of Daly are also of truly royal race. Their main territory was near the Hill of Tara sacred heart of the Emerald Isle, while other branches of the clan flourished in areas that include present day County Galway. Shot through with colourful romance and drama the proud tale of the Dalys is recounted here. NAME variations include: Ó Dálaigh (Gaelic), O’Dalaigh, O’Daly, Daley, Dail..
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