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Hunter Clan Book
Royal huntsmen to a succession of monarchs, the Hunters proudly adopted the name of this importan..
Irvine Clan Book
Two great families of Irvines/Irvings flourished for centuries in Scotland, and both took centre ..
Jamieson Clan Book
Sharing bonds of kinship with two Scottish clans, the Jamiesons have from earliest times been int..
Jardine Clan Book
Settled in Dumfriesshire and the Borders, the ancestors of the Jardines of today lived a dangerou..
Johnstone Clan Book
Although Johnstone in its various spellings is one of the most frequent surnames in Scotland, the..
Jones Clan Book
With roots that lie deep in the ancient soils of both Wales and England, today’s bearers of the Jo..
Keith Clan Book
One of Scotland’s most distinguished clans, there are a number of conflicting theories as to the ..
Kennedy Clan Book
With their main territories in Carrick, in Ayrshire, and further southwest in Galloway, the roots..
Kerr Clan Book
Recipients of a glittering array of noble titles and honours, the Kerrs flourished for centuries ..
King Clan Book
As their name implies, the blood of ancient monarchs may well indeed flow through the veins of pre..
Lamont Clan Book
Believed to trace a descent from the ancient Irish royal family the O’Neills, who came to dominat..
Leslie Clan Book
Although they came to feature prominently in the pages of Scotland’s turbulent history, the Lesli..
Lindsay Clan Book
From roots in early 12th century Scotland the Lindsays stamped their memorable mark on the nation..
MacAlister Clan Book
The MacAlisters of today and their numerous namesakes such as the Macalisters, MacAllisters, McAl..
MacArthur Clan Book
With the proud clan motto of ‘Faith and works’ and crest of two laurel wreaths, the MacArthurs of..
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