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McDermott Clan Book
Two separate branches of the McDermotts flourished for centuries in Ireland, and both contributed..
McGrath Clan Book
Not only fearsome warriors but also distinguished poets, the McGraths were from earliest times to ..
McGuigan Clan Book
Ulster, which along with Connacht, Munster and Leinster is one of the four ancient provinces of th..
McKenna Clan Book
How the McKennas came to hold sway for centuries in an area in the north of present day County Mon..
McLoughlin Clan Book
Two important septs of the McLoughlins and their various namesakes flourished for centuries – in t..
McMahon Clan Book
In the far north of Ireland they flourished as the McMahons of the Kingdom of Oriel, while further..
McManus Clan Book
Found from earliest times in two of Ireland’s ancient provinces, bearers of the McManus name foun..
McNamara Clan Book
With sword and pistol in hand, the ancestors of the McNamaras of today were for centuries at the v..
Moore Clan Book
Three distinct groupings of bearers of the surname Moore, in all the rich variety of spellings of ..
Moran Clan Book
Bearers of the Moran name can be proud of a rich and vibrant heritage that stretches back to Irel..
Mullan Clan Book
In original Gaelic forms that include Ó Maoláin, bearers of the Mullan name and its numerous vari..
Murphy Clan Book
It may rank as one of the most common Irish surnames, but there is nothing common about the explo..
Nolan Clan Book
With a history stretching back to roots firmly seeded in the rich soil of the Emerald Isle, the No..
O'Connor Clan Book
Not only kings of the ancient province of Connacht but also High Kings of Ireland, the O’Connors h..
O'Grady Clan Book
With origins steeped in the colourful myths and legends that form an integral part of Ireland’s lo..
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