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Gallagher Clan Book
Proud owners of a truly illustrious pedigree that stretches back through the dim mists of time to ..
Griffin Clan Book
Tracing a descent from some of Ireland’s earliest warrior kings, the Griffins of today can boast ..
Healy Clan Book
Two separate branches of the Healys were to be found from earliest times firmly rooted in the soi..
Higgins Clan Book
Settled from earliest times on the Emerald Isle, bearers of the Higgins name, in all its rich var..
Hogan Clan Book
Descended from Ireland’s earliest High Kings, the Hogans have stamped an indelible mark on the co..
Joyce Clan Book
The Joyces came to Ireland in the late twelfth century as Norman invaders, but cast aside the swo..
Kane Clan Book
Two separate branches of the proud and ancient clan known as Ó Catháin, or Kane, flourished for ce..
Kavanagh Clan Book
With a heritage rooted deep in the ancient soil of the Emerald Isle, the Kavanaghs flourished for..
Kelly Clan Book
One of their ancestors was a ferocious chieftain who fought loyally at the side of the great warr..
Kenny Clan Book
An unusual name in that it has both pagan and Christian connotations, Kenny in its numerous spelli..
Lynch Clan Book
In its Gaelic form, ‘Lynch’ existed for centuries in Ireland before becoming synonymous with the ..
Maguire Clan Book
A clan with roots deeply embedded in the soil of the ancient northern province of Ulster, the Magu..
Malone Clan Book
Proud of a descent from the ancient Royal House of the O’Connors of Connacht, the Malones are of ..
McCarthy Clan Book
One of the original native Irish clans, the McCarthys experienced both great fortune and tragic m..
McCormick Clan Book
As kings of the ancient province of Munster the McCormick pedigree reaches back through the centur..
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