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MacLellan Clan Book
With Galloway their main territory, but also to be found on the Western Isles and in Perthshire, ..
MacLennan Clan Book
Closely allied for centuries to the Mackenzies and the Macraes and also with possible family link..
MacLeod Clan Book
A rich and heady brew of the blood of Norsemen and Celts runs through the veins of bearers of the..
MacMillan Clan Book
‘I learn to succour the distressed’ is the motto of the MacMillans/Macmillans, and this is partic..
MacNab Clan Book
Perthshire, particularly around the town of Killin, was the main domain of the MacNabs – but the ..
MacNeil Clan Book
With their original homeland in Antrim, it is thought that the ancestors of the MacNeils made the..
MacPherson Clan Book
Clergymen of the old Celtic Church were not required to be celibate and could raise families, and..
MacQuarrie Clan Book
Of royal race through their descent from a son of King Alpin, who reigned from 834 to 837, the Ma..
MacRae Clan Book
The shores of Kintail in Wester Ross were for centuries the main territory of the Macraes. &n..
Marshall Clan Book
Although enjoying a close kinship with Clan Keith, the Marshalls also have their own proud herita..
Martin Clan Book
The Roman god of war and a fourth century saint both contribute to the distant origins of the surn..
Maxwell Clan Book
A family with roots that stretch back to the twelfth century, the Maxwells accrued distinction an..
Menzies Clan Book
With their name derived from Mesnieres, an area near Rouen in Normandy, the Menzies came to hold ..
Millar Clan Book
They have made their mark on the world through a range of pursuits that include music, sport and ..
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Milne Clan Book
First settled in Berwickshire, the Milnes moved further north, to Aberdeenshire, in the early fou..
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