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MacCallum Clan Book
With ‘Mac Chalium’ one of the Gaelic versions of the MacCallum name and meaning ‘devotee or son o..
MacDonald Clan Book
Bearers of a name that resonates throughout the pages of the frequently turbulent drama that is S..
MacDougall Clan Book
Tracing a descent from Dougall, a son of the feared twelfth century warrior Somerled, Argyll was ..
MacEwan Clan Book
Along with other clans that include the Lamonts and the MacLachlans, the shores of Loch Fyne were..
MacFarlane Clan Book
One of the oldest of the clans and renowned for their martial ardour, Clan Macfarlane, known as t..
MacGregor Clan Book
‘My Race is Royal’ is the proud motto of the MacGregors, with one ancient source recording that t..
MacInnes Clan Book
Of ancient Celtic origin, Clan MacInnes had roots on both the island of Mull and, across from the..
MacIntosh Clan Book
Leaders of Clan Chattan – the mighty confederation of clans that included the Shaws, Farquharsons..
MacIntyre Clan Book
Settled from earliest times in territories that included parts of Breadalbane, Glen Orchy and Gle..
MacKay Clan Book
The north west of Sutherland was for centuries the main territory of the Mackays, although they w..
MacKenzie Clan Book
Of ancient Celtic roots and with their name meaning ‘son of Kenneth’, the Mackenzies trace a desc..
MacKinnon Clan Book
The origins of the MacKinnons are shrouded in mystery, but what is known with certainty is that t..
MacLachlan Clan Book
Of royal roots, the MacLachlans trace a descent from the Irish royal house of O’Neill which, in t..
MacLaren Clan Book
Believed to descend from an early sixth century son of Fergus MacErc, King of Ulster, who made th..
MacLean Clan Book
Warriors at both sea and on land, the MacLeans claim a descent from the forbiddingly named Gillea..
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