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Cameron Clan Book
‘Unite’ is the apt motto of the Camerons, a proud clan that were indeed united over many long and..
Campbell Clan Book
With roots buried deep in the ancient soil of Scotland, the Campbells were for centuries at the f..
Chalmers Clan Book
In charge of the exchequers into which royal revenues were paid, early bearers of the names of Cha..
Chisholm Clan Book
With the challenging  motto of ‘I am fierce with the fierce’ and fearsome crest of a hand ho..
Christie Clan Book
Closely allied for centuries with the powerful Farquharsons of Invercauld, near Braemar, sharing ..
Clark Clan Book
They began as religious scholars but the Clark clan soon developed their talents in many direction..
Cochrane Clan Book
A name with a number of possible points of origin that include from ‘Covernan’, the name of a fie..
Colquhoun Clan Book
The entrance of the Colquhoun clan onto the Scottish scene came in 1241 when the Anglo-Norman Sir..
Cook Clan Book
Although an occupational surname, bearers of the Cook name have gained distinction through a colou..
Cooper Clan Book
The origins of the Clan Cooper are shrouded in mystery. But by the 17th century one branch of th..
Craig Clan Book
Bearers of a name that has its roots in the rugged grandeur of the northeast of Scotland, the Cra..
Crawford Clan Book
Taking their name from the lands in Lanarkshire where they settled, the Crawfords spread westward..
Cumming Clan Book
The main territories from earliest times of those who would come to bear the Cumming name were Ro..
Cunningham Clan Book
Cunninghams can be found defending their nation as far back as the late thirteenth century when th..
Currie Clan Book
The Curries of today are heirs to a rich heritage that stretches back through the mists of time t..
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