Gibson Clan Book

Gibson Clan Book

Rooted from an early period in the ancient soil of Scotland, particularly in Galloway and along the eastern shore of Loch Lomond, bearers of the Gibson name were among those in the vanguard of the struggle for the nation’s freedom. 
Away from the field of conflict, others have thrived through a diverse range of much different endeavours and pursuits.
In the world of film Mel Gibson, born in 1956 in New York, is the acclaimed actor, producer, director and screenwriter who left the USA for Australia with his family when aged 12.
Film roles include the Mad Max series, while other major film and directing credits include the Lethal Weapon series and Braveheart.
Responsible for coining the term ‘cyberspace’ and popularising it through his 1984 novel Neuromancer, William Gibson is the American-Canadian science fiction writer who specialises in the genre known as ‘cyberpunk.’
The colourful saga of the Gibsons is recounted here.
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