Hunt Family Name Book

Hunt Family Name Book

A name of ancient Anglo-Saxon roots, ‘Hunt’ and its spelling variants such as ‘Hunter’ has been present in the British isles from the earliest times.
Although originally denoting someone who earned a living as a huntsman, later bearers of the name have gained fame through a diverse range of other endeavours and pursuits.
In the world of film, Peter R. Hunt was the London-born film director and editor best known for his work on six of the James Bond films, including Dr No, Goldfinger and On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, while Bonnie Hunt is the multi-talented American actress, writer and talk show host whose acting credits include Rain Man and Jumani.
From film to music, Marsha Hunt is the American singer, actress, model and writer best known as a cast member of the original London stage production of the rock musical Hair.
Read here the colourful tale of bearers of the proud name of Hunt.

Hunt Family Name Mini-Book Excerpt

"One particularly inventive bearer of the proud name of Hunt was the American mechanic Walter Hunt, born in 1796 in Martinsburg, New York.

In addition to inventing the fountain pen, a forerunner of the Winchester repeating rifle, a knife sharpener, street sweeping machine and the ice plough, he also invented, in 1833, the lockstitch sewing machine and, in 1849, the safety pin.
Unaware of the significance of many of his inventions, he sold the patent for the safety pin for only $400, worth about $10,000 at today’s value, to W.R. Grace and Company. He did not even bother to patent his lockstitch sewing machine – troubled that it would create unemployment for seamstresses.

The mechanical genius died in 1859."
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