Murray Family Name Book

Murray Family Name Book

A name that figures prominently in the pages of the colourful drama that is the historical record, ‘Murray’ has been present from earliest times.

Many of the name have gained high honours and distinction through a range of endeavours and pursuits that include as trusted advisers to royalty, on the battlefield, the stage, and in the worlds of publishing, sport, business and music.

The stirring tale of the Murrays, both past and present, is recounted here.

Murray Family Name Mini-Book Excerpt

One of the most popular musical entertainers of the 1950s, Ruby Florence Murray was the Irish singer born in Belfast in 1935 and better known as Ruby Murray.

With top-selling hits that include her 1954 Heartbeat and the 1955 Softly, Softly she died in 1996, while one of her rather more unusual claims to fame is that ‘Ruby Murray’ has now entered the lexicon as rhyming slang for the popular spicy foodstuff ‘curry.’"

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