King Family Name Book

King Family Name Book

With roots buried deep in the Anglo-Saxon past, ‘King’ is a name that figures prominently in the historical record.

While some of its bearers became embroiled in bitter and bloody warfare, others have gained distinction through a range of more peaceful pursuits and endeavours that include the sciences, medicine, civil rights, music and the stage.

The colourful tale of the Kings, past and present, is told here.

King Family Name Mini-Book Excerpt

"One particularly infamous bearer of the otherwise proud name of King was the early eighteenth century English highwayman Matthew King, also known as Tom King, and nicknamed “The Gentleman Highwayman.”

Little is known of his early life, including his date and place of birth, but what is known is that he carried out his daring assaults and robberies in the London and Essex areas.

He was also a partner in crime of the notorious highwayman Dick Turpin who, ironically, first made his acquaintance with King while trying to rob him.

Turpin, impressed by King’s gentlemanly bearing, became his confederate – their first joint venture being the theft of a valuable racehorse known as White Stocking.

In May of 1737, during a joint endeavour that went disastrously wrong, King was shot and killed – some sources suggesting that, for reasons that remain obscure, possibly by Turpin.

Turpin’s career of crime, meanwhile, came to an abrupt end two years later when he was captured and hanged."

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