Phillips Family Name Book

Phillips Family Name Book

A truly ancient name that relates to a Greek warrior king, ‘Phillips’ has been present in the British Isles from the earliest times.

Although first found in the present day English county of Kent, it is particularly identified with Wales, while some bearers of the name today can trace a descent from the original Celtic Britons.

Infused with rich and colourful myth and legend, their stirring tale is recounted here.

Phillips Family Name Mini-Book Excerpt

"Indispensable to any toolbox, be it in the factory or the home, is the ‘crosshead’ screwdriver known as the Phillips screwdriver – invented by the
American engineer and businessman Henry F. Phillips, born in 1895.
It was in the early 1930s that fellow engineer John P. Thompson sold Phillips a basic design for a crosshead screw – one which Phillips radically re-designed in addition to inventing the crosshead screwdriver.
Forming the Phillips Screw Company in 1934, one of his first customers was General Motors for use on its Cadillac assembly lines.
Phillips died in 1958, by which time more than 85% of American tool manufacturers had a license for the Phillips design."
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