Parker Family Name Book

Parker Family Name Book

A name with strong Anglo-Saxon connections, ‘Parker’ has been present throughout the British isles since the earliest times.
Many of the name have stamped a distinctive mark on the frequently turbulent historical record through endeavours and pursuits ranging from the military to film and music – while two bearers were infamous American outlaws.
In contemporary times and on the stage, Sarah Jessica Parker is the multi-award-winning American actress and recipient of a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame best known for role in the television series Sex and the City, while big screen credits include Footloose, and Miami Rhapsody.
In the world of music Charlie Parker, born in Kansas City in 1920, was the legendary American jazz saxophonist and posthumous recipient of a Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award whose many acclaimed recordings include the 1946 Ornithology and, from 1950, Charlie Parker with Strings.
Read here the colourful and dramatic tale of the Parkers.
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