Harvey Family Name Book

Harvey Family Name Book

A name of truly martial roots that derives from a term meaning ‘battle-worthy’, ‘Harvey’ has figured prominently in the historical record from earliest times.
While some of its bearers have achieved fame in endeavours ranging from medicine to literature, others have gained acclaim in the worlds of acting, music and sport.
In medicine, William Harvey was the English physician who, through a work published in 1628, was the first to accurately describe in detail the systematic circulation of blood pumped through the body by the heart.
From medicine to music, Polly Jean Harvey is the award-winning English singer and songwriter better known as PJ Harvey, whose albums include Stories from the City, Stories from the Sea and Let England Shake, while Alex Harvey was the Scottish rock and blues musician who, with The Sensational Alex Harvey Band, enjoyed hits that include the 1976 The Boston Tea Party.
Presented here is the vibrant tale of the Harveys.
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