Harrison Family Name Book

Harrison Family Name Book

A name of both ancient Anglo-Saxon and Norman roots, ‘Harrison’ and its equally popular spelling variants such as ‘Harris’, has been present on British shores from the earliest times.

Many bearers of the name were to be found on the battlefield, while others have found fame at an international level through a diverse and colourful range of more peaceful pursuits.

Their proud and stirring tale is recounted here.

Harrison Family Name Mini-Book Excerpt
"One bearer of the Harrison name who has had a profound effect on the lives of many thousands of children worldwide is the Australian blood donor James Harrison.
Born in 1936 and known as “The Man with the Golden Arm”, when he first donated blood at the age of 18, it was noticed it contains an extremely rare antibody that prevents infants who receive it from dying of the form of anaemia known as Rhesus Disease.

His blood is given in the form of the special Anti-D Vaccine – developed specifically from his blood.

So precious is this blood that his own life has been insured for $1m, while in May of 2011 he recorded his 1,000th blood donation.
It is in recognition of his role in saving the lives of so many babies that he is honoured as a recipient of the Order of Australia."


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