Fisher Family Name Book

Fisher Family Name Book

A name first introduced to British shores in the wake of the Norman Conquest of 1066, ‘Fisher’ features prominently in the historical record.
While some gained fame as ardent Royalists during the seventeenth century English Civil War, others came to prominence through much more peaceful endeavours and pursuits.
In the world of politics, from starting work at the age of only ten in the dangerous sweat and grime of the Ayrshire coalfields, Andrew Fisher rose to serve as Australia’s  Prime Minister on three occasions between 1908 and 1915 after immigrating there as a young man.
From politics to entertainment, Eddie Fisher was the popular American singer and actor whose many hits throughout the 1950s include I Need You Now and On the Street Where You Live; through his marriage to Debbie Reynolds, he was the father of the actress Carrie Fisher. 
The stirring tale of the Fishers of both yesteryear and today is recounted here.

Fisher Family Name Mini-Book Excerpt

"Two American bearers of the proud name of Fisher achieved fame as comic strip writers and cartoonists.

Hammond Edward Fisher, born in 1900 in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania and better known as Ham Fisher, was the creator of the comic strip featuring the heavyweight boxing champion Joe  Palooka – one of America’s top five newspaper strips throughout the 1940s.

Harry Conway Fisher, better known as Bud Fisher, was the creator of the equally popular Mutt and Jeff comic strip.

Born in Chicago in 1885, it was while working as a journalist and sketch artist in the sports department of the San Francisco Chronicle newspaper that in 1907 he introduced the comic strip character ‘Mr A. Mutt’.

This proved so popular that he decided to ‘partner’ the tall and skinny Mutt with the much smaller in stature character of ‘Jeff.’

Able to retain copyright for his creation, Fisher accepted a lucrative offer from William Randolph Hearst to syndicate the comic strip through the newspaper tycoon’s mighty newspaper empire.

As a result, Mutt and Jeff became the first highly successful comic strip in the United States and, in common with Ham Fisher’s Joe Palooka, was also adapted for a series of short comedy films.

Bud Fisher died in 1954, while Ham Fisher died a year later."

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