Carter Family Name Book

Carter Family Name Book

A name with roots that stretch back to those Germanic tribes who first invaded the British Isles in the fifth century AD, ‘Carter’ figures prominently in the historical record.

Many bearers of the name were to be found on the battlefield, while others have gained distinction through a host of pursuits ranging from archaeology and the performing arts to politics and sport.

Read here the colourful saga of the Carters, both past and present.

Carter Family Name Mini-Book Excerpt

One particularly colourful bearer of the proud name of Carter was the American magician Charles Joseph Carter, born in 1874 in Pennsylvania and better known as Carter the Great.

Abandoning careers as a journalist and then a lawyer, he took to the stage with the rather more interesting career of bedazzling audiences world-wide with his magical talent.

The highlight of his act was the classic ‘sawing a woman in half’ illusion – with an elaborate and highly dramatically charged performance that involved ‘nurses’ standing by in attendance.

Also credited as being the first magician to make a live elephant ‘disappear’ on stage, he died in 1936."


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