Booth Family Name Book

Booth Family Name Book

A name found throughout the British Isles from earliest times, ‘Booth’ figures prominently in the historical record of a number of nations.

From the revolutionary politics of late seventeenth century England and the nineteenth century assassination of an American President to great humanitarian causes, bearers of the name have gained both fame and infamy.

The colourful and frequently turbulent tale of the Booths is recounted here.

Booth Family Name Mini-Book Excerpt

"Hubert Booth
was the British engineer, born in Gloucester in 1871 and who died in 1955, who invented the first powered vacuum cleaner.

It was after seeing a demonstration of a compressed air cleaning system in London’s St Pancras station for use in railway carriages that he hit upon the idea of a device to suck air through a filter.
The invention was duly patented in 1910, with the vacuum cleaners produced by Fielding and Platt of Gloucester.
But with Booth’s design more suited for industrial rather than commercial use, it was soon overtaken by the Hoover Company of America.
All modern vacuum cleaners are nevertheless based on Booth’s original concept."
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